Mission and History


The TJC advances accountability for conflict-related sexual violence and other international crimes and amplifies the voices of victims and survivors by joining forces with local practitioners to bring justice for atrocity crimes at home.


Since 2014, Maxine has been working to provide respectful support to national practitioners in their own jurisdictions seeking specifically to meet their technical needs in investigation, preparation and prosecution of cases involving conflict-related sexual violence and other international crimes within their own countries’ courts. Kathy joined this work at the end of 2015, deploying individually as a consultant and later as staff of the Center for Justice & Accountability (CJA). In 2017, they started using the “Transitional Justice Clinic” name.

Deploying as individual consultants under the auspices of UN Women, Justice Rapid Response (JRR), and/or Avocats Sans Frontières Canada (ASFC), and in partnership with the Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA), Max and Kathy have conducted repeated mentoring missions in Guatemala, Guinea, Kosovo and Kenya, with initial missions in Tunisia. These missions have demonstrated the broad applicability of the project as currently designed and the critical need for it in each of these locations.

The TJ Clinic was established to ensure the transfer of these skills to national peers so that justice can be brought in States where they are willing but not yet able to prosecute international crimes in their national courts. While TJ Clinic experts continue to pursue individual projects, where possible we increase our impact by deploying collective as the Transitional Justice Clinic. The experts of the TJ Clinic work to transfer the knowledge base, skills, and methodology of international criminal practice to our national counterparts.