TJ Clinic expert specialist practitioners respond to requests by practitioners in national justice systems to provide technical peer-to-peer clinical mentoring on current cases.

Following a request by local practitioners to support them in investigation and prosecution of grave crimes, the TJ Clinic will:

  • Assess the legal needs of peers;
  • Evaluate the local factual context;
  • Analyse the local legal framework.

National counterparts will then select a case or a series of cases for which they seek our technical guidance.


TJ Clinic will then:

  • Evaluate the evidence;
  • Consider the totality of the evidence in light of the national legal framework within the context of the international legal framework;
  • Provide tailor-made practicums to train our peers in the methodologies of preparing and prosecuting international crimes;
  • Transfer our expertise to them so that they can investigate and prosecute the case in their own courts and share their own skills with others in their community of practice.