Principles and Objectives


Principle 1:

  • Respectful peer-to-peer approach

Principle 2:

Clinical experts are practitioners:

  • TJC prosecutors work with national prosecutors
  • TJC investigators work with national investigators
  • TJC analysts work with national analysts
  • TJC victim representatives work with national victim representatives

Principle 3:

  • Support is suspended when national practitioners consider the expertise is no longer needed.



The TJ Clinic provides practical  technical engagement to support national investigators, prosecutors, investigative magistrates, criminal analysts, victim advocates, and civil society organisations in the investigation and prosecution of CRSV and other international crimes:

  • To provide best practice resources to national practitioners;
  • To develop skill-specific individual training;
  • To offer one-on-one advice and holistic technical expertise on preparation and prosecution of cases;
  • To support accountability of the perpetrators;
  • To efficiently transfer international legal skills to national practitioners;
  • To build strong prosecutable case files in line with international standards and contextualised within the national legal and factual circumstances;
  • To empower survivors through the justice process.

TJ Clinic’s Theory of Change