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I. Maxine Marcus, Director 

International Crimes Prosecutor and Investigator: Expert in Transformative Justice For Conflict-Related Sexual Violence. More than twenty years’ international criminal law practice in the field (Chad (for Darfur), Sierra Leone, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosovo, Ingushetia (for Chechnya), Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Guatemala, and Guinea) and in the courtroom (Special Court for Sierra Leone and ICTY).  Advisor to UN Commission of Inquiry for Guinea, OHCHR Fact Finding Mission for Sri Lanka, CAR Panel on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Peacekeepers, and UK PSVI Protocol and Global Summit. Maxine is a core Faculty member for Institute for International Criminal Investigations and Justice Rapid Response/UN Women. She is the founder of the TJ Clinic.

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L. Kathy Roberts, Co-Director

Dr. L. Kathy Roberts is a U.S. lawyer based in Los Angeles, California. With more than fifteen years’ experience representing victims and survivors of human rights violations and international atrocity crimes in litigation, Dr. Roberts centers her practice on providing respectful support to local practitioners seeking accountability for international justice crimes in their own country’s courts. With support from UN Women, Justice Rapid Response, and the Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA), and in partnership with the Transitional Justice Clinic, Dr. Roberts has assisted local practitioners in international crimes investigation and prosecution in Chile, Guatemala, Kosovo, and Tunisia. Her specialties include universal jurisdiction, foreign official immunity, and litigating international crimes in national courts, including genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, torture, and conflict-related sexual violence.


Marie-Audrey Girard, Legal Officer

Marie-Audrey Girard is a Canadian lawyer working in the field of international law and human rights. She is acting as Legal Officer for the Transitional Justice Clinic. She has previously worked as a legal advisor for Lawyers Without Borders Canada (LWBC) for several years on the investigation and prosecution of cases of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and more specifically on conflict-related sexual violence as international crimes in Guatemala, Colombia and Mali. Marie-Audrey posseses a vast experience in training and teaching to a wide range of public in various countries, about  women rights, international humanitarian law and international criminal law.